"Smart Home Solutions" was born from a need developed over time to satisfy all our customers who wanted to get closer to the world of home automation, but without results due to the high expenditure of money.

Today home automation has become smart and is practically available to everyone with many solutions for every need and for any budget you have in mind.

Our intention is first of all to show you and make you understand what the Smart Home is and then direct you towards the solution that best suits your lifestyle.

The Smart Home is a smart home that with the help of home automation and IoT [(Internet of Things) - (internet of things)] helps simplify the management of your home, making it more comfortable, giving you the opportunity to save time and energies to the hectic life of today's society.

The Smart Home differs from a traditional house, offering you the opportunity to manage all the systems, including equipment and appliances through your smartphone, tablet, PC, touch screen panel, voice assistant or even in perfect autonomy.

What are all the advantages you can have living in a Smart Home?



Practicality: a simpler home improves your lifestyle and everyday life. You can interact with your home with the help of voice assistants or smartphones to program both locally and remotely:


  •  the switching on and off of the lights, the opening and closing of the curtains or shutters in your home, the entrance doors and shutters, the gates and gates with scenario or general controls;
  • the temperature of the rooms or single rooms both in cooling and heating, planning the irrigation of the garden or plants on the terrace;
  • the switching on and off of household appliances, such as: robot vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dish washer, oven, induction hobs and hoods with display of consumption, TV, stereo system;
  • see food supplies and their expiry in the fridge, etc. etc.


Security and remote management: a smart home allows you to always keep everything under control, even when you are away from your home and in case of problems, intervene in a timely manner, thanks to simple apps and devices. So you can:


  • monitor all home environments in your home through video surveillance;
  • program and manage the entry and access systems, the anti-intrusion, fire and / or anti-flood systems;


Energy saving: the Smart Home allows you to constantly view and monitor energy consumption. By programming and managing the individual consumption of household appliances, you can avoid overloads and waste.

Who we are

Who we are

Smart Home Solution was born from the idea of its founder Vito Bufano,
an experienced professional,thirty years in the sector.